5 Most Common Types Of Depression

Depression is mood disorders which creates a feeling of sadness and diminish interest in the thing we usually do to take pleasure. Depression can affect your perception, thinking, and behavior toward others. There are several types of depression, so in this article, we have covered all to provide information for people in curing soon.

Type Of Depression

If we categorized depression, we find that there are only two types of depression clinical and short-term issue. Clinical depression causes a chemical imbalance in the brain, so proper medical assistance is needed and consulting a doctor is essential. A short problem is a normal depression it happens due to day to day tension in life.

01. Major Depressive Disorder

It is clinical depression. Also, we can say it a major depressive disorder. The symptom of this depression is mention below in bullet point.
• Lack of interest in activities
• Changes in weight and sleep
• Fatigue
• Death and suicide thought

02. Persistent Depressive Disorder

This disorder is also known as dysthymia; it is a long term of depression for more than two years and made you feel hopeless, lack productivity and low-esteem. Your mood will be mild, moderate or severe so you will be considered a gloomy personality.
• Sadness, emptiness or feeling down
• Hopelessness
• Irritability or excessive anger
• Avoiding social activities

03. Bipolar Disorder

Those people have a bipolar disorder generally feel overly happy and energized, and other time they feel unfortunate and hopeless. It is also known as manic depression. Sometimes a person becomes so extreme that why the risk of suicide in bipolar illness is 15 times greater than in other depression.
• Irritability and anxiety
• Indecision and disorganization

04. Postpartum Depression

These types of depression mostly happen with women soon after given birth. The deep pain after baby birth is responsible for postpartum depression. A study of 10000 moms with newborn found that in every seven women one woman is suffering from postpartum depression.

0.5 Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

This type of depression mostly happen with women before the start period and last until a few days after it begins. It will not let you do work as a well healthy relationship. There are many types of research conducted on this depression to know the exact reason but all, but it is assumed that an abnormal reaction to hormone change related to the menstrual cycle.

How To Overcome Depression

Depression can bring the feeling of hopeless, unmotivated, fatigued even sometimes thought of suicide. So what you should do that time to overcome depression. Below we have mentioned some critical step to trounce it and bring a positive thought in your body.

• Take the right amount of sleep every night for instance 8 hour daily is critical.
• Keep your fit and healthy by doing physical activities as well as healthy food.
• Do entertainment activities like listening to music or watching a movie that will get you relief in depression.
• Creative activity can be a good option in depression.

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